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Go Heritage 2019 - Day 10

Project Africa Go Heritage 2019 -  Day  10  (7/5/19) Art is expression; it is healing; it is the cultivation of talents and strengthening of neural connections; it is transcendent beyond culture, age, background; it is a powerful tool of inspiration, communication, and elevation.  On my last official day in Nigeria for this year's voyage, I was able to share and exchange this tool with a spirited and eager group of young women and girls at the Hope For All Africa Orphanage Home And Center For Abused And Abandoned Children. Innocent welcomed me to a local orphanage in his neighborhood on Baale Shekoni Street in Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria spending some time with the residents and caretakers. We were greeted with smiles, hugs, and excited anticipatory curiosity. After donating a few necessities (food, toiletries, water, etc), we sat down with the girls to just visit for awhile. Peeking around the curtain first, they slowly trickled in, allowing their curiosity to o

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